I entered this world in 1953 with my monozygotic twin,Clark.
As we grew, each twin struggled for individual identity. Although we both shared musical and artistic gifts Clark assumed the identity of Musician and I the identity of Artist.

My view of the world has long been tempered by recurring “para-normal” experiences. Most of these have been prescient visions of the immediate future, as well as moments of telepathy with my identical twin, especially as youth. In my early twenties, I began to “see” that either a parallel universe or another “reality” existed just beyond the immediate limitations of human comprehension.

In the religions of Hinduism and Sehkism, the deity Maya manifests, perpetuates, and controls the false illusion of duality between self and the physical universe. In both religions, the goal of enlightenment is to pierce the veil of this illusion and intuitively shed the distinction between self and the universe, consciousness and physical matter, mind and body.

Essentially all of my current visual work is an attempt at “piercing” the veil, searching for moments and gateways through the veil and to a higher state of self realization. With meditation some of the works indeed take me to that higher plane, but most do not and are artifacts of that struggle.

David Fobes (aka Misterfobes)