Eros and Anteros
handcut paper mounted on board
22"x x 22" w x 1.5" d

I was born curious, a curiosity, an identical twin.
Perhaps nothing in my life has influenced my work as much as the condition of “twinness”.
Double and mirror imagery has emerged in my work over the years, but more importantly so has the acknowledgement of the philosophy of Dualism and the acceptance of a world of mystery not completely explained by science.
I have worked both in the physical world of design and the metaphysical world of image making. It is the intersection of the physical and the metaphysical that I find most compelling as an artist. Following my instincts and not fashion, favor or brand identity, has led to a broad range of output that spans furniture design,architectural design and building, music, installation, curation, painting, collage, photography and motion graphics.
If there is a glue that holds the work together, it would be a relentless curiosity and a commitment to an appropriate level of craftsmanship to elevate our physical experience of the work into the realm of the metaphysical.

David Fobes 2022